Giles R. Greenway

Sound Art / Media Art Talks, Thursday 30 May, from 20:00h. Iklectik Art Lab

Talk: “Never Mind The Molluscs: The Abuse of Fourier Synthesis in Aggro-Rhythmic Composition.”

Some visually aesthetic generative systems are most naturally interpreted as sounds by treating their outputs as spectra. The examples that will be explored include bifurcation diagrams, one and two-dimensional cellular automata and simulations of the growth of sea-snail patterns, as introduced in Hans Meinhardt’s book “The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells”. Rather than using tools developed specifically for algorithmic composition, the creation of both audio and video will be accomplished using common numerical libraries available for the Python language.

Giles Greenway is a former materials physicist teacher of physics, now a data scientist/engineer. He has presented generative music at the 2016 and 2018 EMF and SHA 2017 hacker camps. Other research interests have included analysing the frequency with which smartphone apps gather and transmit users’ data, and teaching non-technical users to reverse-engineer them, the analysis of social networks and the portrayal of trans/non-binary people in the media.

EMF 2018: