Johannes de Silentio

4.1 Sound system Live Music, Sunday 02 June, from 19:00h. Iklectik Art Lab.

A very immersive drone ambient noise performance, as a deep listening exercise. It’s created from manipulating tapes, pitch, effects and analog synthesis, playing mainly with sinusoidal waves and LFO oscillators.

Shak Benavides, personality of the Barcelona underground since the 90s, as past spiritual co-founder of Wah Wah Records, her dj sessions for more than two decades, and owner of an online radio station called, focused in experimental and sound art.

Johannes de Silentio is a pseudonym under she works, (also known as Lucius Works Here since 2004).
Her works always breathe a halo of intimate electronics, and in her latest album, with minimal arrangements, silences and subtle noises, it is deducible that she was attracted to build under the premise of ambient drone noise, where she develops her tendency in a more limited way.

The work is entitled “If not, winter” inspired by the book by Anne Carson where she collects the only fragments of poems by the Greek musician and poet Sappho (630BC).