Vera Bremerton

4.1 Sound system Live Music, Sunday 02 June, from 19:00h. Iklectik Art Lab.

Theogyny. One woman. Sixteen voices. Her identity dissolves into multiple rivulets as she progresses towards mystical ecstasy through sex and death. Her voice multiplies and extends, both angelic and demonic. As she is undone she is one with the Divine. She comes back to life so she can die again.

Theogyny is a multi-channel, a cappella polyphonic piece delivered entirely by my pre-recorded voice; it expresses the multi-faceted condition of identity during a mystical and sexual experience. Each vocal line features looped abstract noises and melodies. All vocal lines feature abstract noises, sung melodies and loops. The composition follows a metaphorical cyclical “narrative”: the channels start off quietly then form a crescendo until they reach an apex of volume and pitch; then they fall back to the state of quiet, ready to begin again.

Italian-born, classically trained, in her musical practice Vera Bremerton blends the harmony and polyphony of classical music with the harsh beats and sounds of industrial and techno. She has researched experimental vocalism, using different timbres, effects and a 4-octaves range. She has extensively performed in UK and Europe.